3-D Graphing

I’m still trying to figure out a good, free program for PCs which my students can use to graph in 3-D, and possibly also be able to do basic multivariable calculus operations with (so maybe the program could symbolically do partial derivatives, for example).

I’m leaning towards SAGE, especially since the online SAGE Notebook came about. I still don’t know how to use SAGE notebook well, but I hope that I will be an expert by the end of the summer. I will post my reactions to it as well as tutorials/guides in due time.

In terms of graphing, for me to quickly make images for my SmartBoard presentations, here are two programs I will be testing and evaluating:



I also found MVT (The Mathematical Visualization Toolkit) which can be used online or downloaded, and can graph 2- and 3-D functions, functions in other coordinate systems (e.g. polar, spherical, cylindrical), and vector and gradient fields (including 3-D vector fields!). It also has a number of built in applications — like revolving curves around axes, fourier series approximations, and riemann sums. This is an incredible teaching and visualization tool.


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